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Our Little Miracles

If you have experienced the birth of a premature, you may know how overwhelming and traumatic an experience it can be. Watching your baby struggle for life brings inconceivable highs and lows and can be an extremely difficult time for us as parents.
When your baby is born premature, you enter a completely different world where lives can be permanently changed. Sadly, you are not alone; thousands of parents travel a similar journey every year when bringing their babies into the world.
We hope you find the following informative, and that you find support, guidance, confidence and strength for the journey ahead.

who we are

Panos Story

The need for the establishment of this foundation came out of our own experience with our sons who came into this world prematurely on May19th, 2011. While we lost Christian just two days after he was born, our son Angelos came out of the N.I.C.U eight weeks later.
However, it is the ordeal of our third son, Panos that really inspired the creation of Panos Foundation, which is dedicated to him. He was the smallest one of the three, weighing only 600g. Due to his pre-maturity, Panos spent his entire14-month life in the loving care of the Doctors and Staff of Makarios Hospital, and, unfortunately, never had the chance to come home. He was the first baby in Cyprus to celebrate his 1st birthday in the N.I.C.U. Even though he was a fighter and overcame many of the challenges he faced in his brief life due to prematurity, he decided to leave on August 1st 2012 and join his brother Christian.
During the time Panos spent in the Hospital, we had to live each day at a time and learn to expect the unexpected—to believe in miracles. This is what actually motivated us as parents to try to help other families in need in the memory of Panos.

Mission of the Foundation

The Panos Evripidou Foundation is dedicated to the improvement of the lives of premature children facing life-long challenges caused by prematurity after leaving the N.I.C.U.

As a non-profit organization, our Foundation will try to transform donations into life saving miracles and thus “put a smile into a soul” for a better future.

Our primary goal is to help and support the children’s families by providing them useful information on our website. Being better informed, parents will be more prepared to deal with their children’s situation. We also aim to provide financial assistance where possible and needed, and to enhance the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children and families in need. .

Board of Directors

Marlo Evripidou

President / Founder

Maria Odysseos

Vice President

Georgina C. Evripidou


Marinos Vryonides


Afxentis Zemenides


Mikaela Kovis


Gabriella Michaelidou


Helena Antoniou


Sofia C. Philippidou


Chryso Soteriou